Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brazilian Style!!!!!!

The Mattson 2 and Theo Hetherington having the brazilian experience...
I was so crazy busy that I didn't took any photo from the art show, but will do this week and post here....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Mattson 2 on the V Santos Surf Festival 2009

The Mattson 2 on the V Santos Surf Festival 2009.
Tomorrow we will have more....
Pictures coming soon...
Sorry the lack of info, but I'm running like crazy...
Love for everyone!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Santos Surfilm Festival 2009

The I Santos Surfilm Festival 2009 will be happen with a lot of effort and kindness from all the film makers involved. We did all this without any, any sponsor. The Festival will be held inside the new Surf Museum that will have a screening room with around 30 seats. Small…. But full of love… No one will be paying nothing to see the films below… all for free and all for good.

Here's the schedule for the I Santos Surfilm Festival 2009.

Tuesday 20/01

9:30AM / 1:30PM - IV Santos Surf Festival - Rafael Sobral (BRA)
10:30AM / 2:30PM - Stranger than Fiction - Taylor Steele (USA)
11:30AM / 3:30PM - Not California - Richard Gregory (UK)

Wednesday 21/01

9:30AM / 1:30PM - Litmus - Andrew Kidman (AUS)
10:30AM / 2:30PM - Glass Love - Andrew Kidman (AUS)
11:30AM / 3:30PM - Sliding Liberia - Britton Caillouette (USA)

Thursday 22/01

9:30AM / 1:30PM - Carving - Roberto Vezzone (USA/BRA)
10:30AM / 2:30PM - Innermost Limits of Pure Fun - George Greenough (USA)
11:30AM / 3:30PM - The Hub - Christiaan Bailey (UK)

Friday 23/01

9:30AM / 1:30PM - One California Day - Mark Jeremias and Jason Baffa (USA)
10:30AM / 2:30PM - Believe - Mick Waters (AUS)
11:30AM / 3:30PM - Chile Oculto - Cristian Merello and Rodrigo Farias (CHI)

Saturday 24/01

9:30AM / 1:30PM - One Track Mind - Chris Malloy and Woodshed Films (USA) Premiere
10:30AM / 2:30PM - Beach Blanket Burnout - Tyler Manson (USA) Premiere
11:30AM / 3:30PM - Morning of the Earth - Albe Falzon (AUS)

Sunday 25/01

9:30AM / 1:30PM - Musica Surfica - Mick Sowry (AUS) Premiere with Portuguese Captions
10:30AM / 2:30PM – Utopia - Rafael Mellin and Grupo Sal (BRA) Premiere
11:30AM / 3:30PM Seaworthy de Nathan Oldfield (AUS) Premiere with Portuguese Captions

Monday 26/01

Tribute to the Brazilian film maker Pepê Cezar for his works, visions and master pieces in the art of making surf movies.

9:00AM / 1:00PM - 002 Surf (1990)
9:45AM / 1:45PM - Cambito 1 (1993)
10:30AM / 2:30PM - Cambito 2 (1994)
11:15AM / 3:15PM Cambito 3 (1996)
12:00AM / 4:00PM - Fabio Fabuloso (2004)

Friday, January 9, 2009

II Santos SurfArt Animation by Mauricio Domingues

Mauricio Domingues www.maudo.tv was so kind to make this animation above specially for the art show.

His work is very nice and unique...

Music it's "Ode to Lou" from the amazing twins The Mattson 2 http://mattson2.com/, that will have their cd available on 01/20/2009. Please check http://www.galaxia-platform.com/.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

II Santos SurfArt Limited Tshirts by Weird Clothing

Artist Marcello Bacellar http://marcelobacellar.blogspot.com/ made this art above for a limited edition t-shirts for the art show here in Santos. The tees were kindly donated by Weird Clothing.
It's amazing how the small surf brands are tons of times nicer than the big ones.... After so many "no", two brands were amazingly cool with the whole art show project. One is the hardcore Weird Clothing. Guys that are all about big airs and art. And.... why not, "love"....
The other one are the kids from Cotton Project that made possible The Mattson 2 in Brasil.

Thanks guys...

Again, please check their stuff at http://www.weird.com.br/ and http://www.cottonproject.com.br/