Friday, August 21, 2009

Permanent art show / museum

Unfortunately, after 6 months of use, the Surf Museum of Santos its in horrible conditions. The structure is all rusted and in deterioration. The city´s responsable for the area, send me an email ordering me to pick up all the arts from the museum. As the order came from the mayor, I couldn´t do anything but put all the art pieces on a storage.
The city didn´t put a real responsable for the arts on the museum and nobody cleaned anything... now is all clean and safe.
I´m trying to organize something that I can show everything again, but it will take sometime.
If any artist want to get the piece back, I can send it, but sincerely have no money to do it. Sorry for this. Or if you know someone that is coming to Brasil, I can meet with the person and pass the pieces.
Again, I´m trying to do my best and sorry for this...
The main idea was to keep the art pieces permanently on the museum, for the free enjoyment of the people, but like always, burocracy and greed speaks louder than love.
I kindly ask all the artists involved to please kindly understand the situation...
Love for all of you,
Jair Bortoleto
Organizer and Curator of Santos SurfArt