Thursday, September 10, 2009

II Santos SurfArt on Blue Magazine from Japan!

Our dear friend Yusuke Hanai wrote this piece for the latest issue of Blue Magazine about his experience here in Brasil during the II Santos SurfArt. Yusuke is one of the finest surf artists out there and it´s a honor to have this writed by him. And love the photo of my VW bug...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Permanent art show / museum

Unfortunately, after 6 months of use, the Surf Museum of Santos its in horrible conditions. The structure is all rusted and in deterioration. The city´s responsable for the area, send me an email ordering me to pick up all the arts from the museum. As the order came from the mayor, I couldn´t do anything but put all the art pieces on a storage.
The city didn´t put a real responsable for the arts on the museum and nobody cleaned anything... now is all clean and safe.
I´m trying to organize something that I can show everything again, but it will take sometime.
If any artist want to get the piece back, I can send it, but sincerely have no money to do it. Sorry for this. Or if you know someone that is coming to Brasil, I can meet with the person and pass the pieces.
Again, I´m trying to do my best and sorry for this...
The main idea was to keep the art pieces permanently on the museum, for the free enjoyment of the people, but like always, burocracy and greed speaks louder than love.
I kindly ask all the artists involved to please kindly understand the situation...
Love for all of you,
Jair Bortoleto
Organizer and Curator of Santos SurfArt

Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's help!!!!

Hello friends,
As some of you may or may not know, Jan and Arlene Mattson have had some health problems lately. Arlene had surgery two weeks ago to remove a brain tumor that had grown back after 15 years. She is still in northern California recovering and is expected to be back home in about four weeks.
Jan was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He went in for an outpatient procedure last Friday to remove the cancerous tumor. The surgery did not go as expected. The surgeon was unable to remove the tumor and caused an ulcer to bleed during surgery. They could not get the bleeding to stop since the tumor was in the way, so they admitted Jan to the hospital with severe internal bleeding. The doctors told Jan he would not make it but miraculously the ulcer stopped bleeding on it's own and Jan has been getting better everyday since. He is now back at home slowly recovering so he is strong enough for a second attempt at removing the tumor.
Both Jan and Arlene are self -employed and are not able to work right now. Bills are beginning to accumulate and we are reaching out to you, as friends, to help support this wonderful couple.
Please see the flyer below for info on the benefit show we are hosting for them. I realize that times are financially tough for all of us right now, but any and everything is helpful at this point. If you are unable to attend the show but would still like to make a donation, please send it to . . .

Jan & Arlene Mattson
Brooke Mattson
1563 Village View Rd.
Encinitas, CA 92024

Thank you in advance for your love and support and we look forward to seeing you at the show. Please forward this e-mail on to anybody who you think may be interested, spread the word.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at 760.271.5406 or via e-mail.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Comments about the show...

I don´t want to sound stupid, but some comments about the show, makes all the effort and time, worthed...

"Hello! great stuff. when is the new film showings?? +id love to be involved in the art show next year!!take care" - David Carson

"the show looks so sweet. You did an amazing job. really. I mean it looks like one of the most amazing surf art shows ever, period. your curating skills are gnarly, i can't believe you got so many people to contribute, print their stuff, send it, etc... dude. I am so impressed. and you did a great job framing it all and putting it up." - Ed Fladung

"Looks like a quality show, stoked to have been a part of it." - J. Grant Brittain

"great work, jair. looks like you put together a fantastic show. Saudades do brasil, jorge ben, grandes noites de pinga, sonia braga em dona flor..., ubatuba, pão de queijo, fotos de miguel rio branca, comida em santa teresa, humor de vava ribeiro.... - um gringo (Jamie Brisick)

"Fantastic!! You guys did such an amazing job!!" - Jamie Watson

"WOW What a great show!!!!! You have shown how amazing and diverse surf art is. It looks like the best show ever. Congratulations!!! You are one of a kind. Thanks for putting in the many hours and hard work to put it together. I wish I could come to see it." - Tom Wegener

"Jair Bortoleto, surfer, artist, and all around great guy has recently put on the biggest surf art exhibit ever in Brazil.
Santos SurfArt was a 6 day art and music festival that took place on the beaches of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was fortunate enough to be a part of it, among dozens of great photographers and artists." - Nick Lavecchia

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

II Santos SurfArt

Surf Museum

Paulo Consentino art on a VW van.

Nathaniel Russell

Heather Brown and two collabs on the right with me...

Mark Sutherland

Tyler Manson

Mick Waters

Jesse Ledoux

Jesse Ledoux (top), Yusuke Hanai (botton)

Albe Falzon

João Catarino (top), Ed Fladung (botton), Jamie Watson (left).

Bob Mctavish drawings.

Bob Mctavish drawings (how sick is this?)

Grant Brittain (left), Patrick Trefz (top right), Ben Waters (botton right).

Paula Marina (left), Tyler Warren (right)...

Grant Brittain (showing his photos for the first time in an art show in Brasil).

Yusuke Hanai did this one on the beach....

Joe Curren (left), Sandow Birk (top center), Rick Albano (botton center), Guilherme Tonelli (right).

TBS (boards), Marcelo Bacellar (art on the white board), Fabio Bitão (two skate big ones), Nicolas Delavy (photos on the right).

Luiz Blanco (left), Drew Kampion (center), Mark Sutherland (top right), Heather Brown (botton right).

Felipe Siebert (hollow wood longboard), Art Brewer (panoramic and top left), Wyland (top right), Tom Wegener (alaia).

Andrew Kidman (top left), Grant Myrdal (botton left), Frank Cubillos (center), Cicero Lehmann (right).

Alexandre Vianna.

Bob Mctavish (top left), Ryan Tatar (botton left), Jamie Watson (center botton), João Catarino (top right), Ed Fladung (botton right).

Albe Falzon (left), Yusuke Hanai and Jesse Ledoux (center), Nick Lavecchia (right)...

Nick Lavecchia (botton), Tyler Manson (top right), Mick Water (top left)...

Marcelo Bueno (botton right), Jamie Brisick (top right), Beto Paes Leme (center).

Richard Dowdy (left), Steve Sherman (center), André Luiz (right).

Danielle Rubi (right), Seamouse (center), Theo Hetherington (center botton), Kyle Lightner (center top).

Julie Goldstein (top left), Lana Porcello (botton left), David Muller (botton center), Jair Bortoleto (top center).

Monday, February 2, 2009

II Santos SurfArt on The Surfers Journal.

The Surfers Journal editor Scott Hulet, wrote this piece about the II Santos SurfArt.
I´m so... so... so... so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Kyle for the scan....