Tuesday, February 3, 2009

II Santos SurfArt

Surf Museum

Paulo Consentino art on a VW van.

Nathaniel Russell

Heather Brown and two collabs on the right with me...

Mark Sutherland

Tyler Manson

Mick Waters

Jesse Ledoux

Jesse Ledoux (top), Yusuke Hanai (botton)

Albe Falzon

João Catarino (top), Ed Fladung (botton), Jamie Watson (left).

Bob Mctavish drawings.

Bob Mctavish drawings (how sick is this?)

Grant Brittain (left), Patrick Trefz (top right), Ben Waters (botton right).

Paula Marina (left), Tyler Warren (right)...

Grant Brittain (showing his photos for the first time in an art show in Brasil).

Yusuke Hanai did this one on the beach....

Joe Curren (left), Sandow Birk (top center), Rick Albano (botton center), Guilherme Tonelli (right).

TBS (boards), Marcelo Bacellar (art on the white board), Fabio Bitão (two skate big ones), Nicolas Delavy (photos on the right).

Luiz Blanco (left), Drew Kampion (center), Mark Sutherland (top right), Heather Brown (botton right).

Felipe Siebert (hollow wood longboard), Art Brewer (panoramic and top left), Wyland (top right), Tom Wegener (alaia).

Andrew Kidman (top left), Grant Myrdal (botton left), Frank Cubillos (center), Cicero Lehmann (right).

Alexandre Vianna.

Bob Mctavish (top left), Ryan Tatar (botton left), Jamie Watson (center botton), João Catarino (top right), Ed Fladung (botton right).

Albe Falzon (left), Yusuke Hanai and Jesse Ledoux (center), Nick Lavecchia (right)...

Nick Lavecchia (botton), Tyler Manson (top right), Mick Water (top left)...

Marcelo Bueno (botton right), Jamie Brisick (top right), Beto Paes Leme (center).

Richard Dowdy (left), Steve Sherman (center), André Luiz (right).

Danielle Rubi (right), Seamouse (center), Theo Hetherington (center botton), Kyle Lightner (center top).

Julie Goldstein (top left), Lana Porcello (botton left), David Muller (botton center), Jair Bortoleto (top center).


Jamie Brisick said...

great work, jair. looks like you put together a fantastic show. best, jamie

Kirk said...

very nice Jair- great job and some fine artists represented!

Chum said...

Man. Looks like an amazing show and venue! Wish I could have made it for the festivities! Maybe next year?

Great job putting it together, Jair.

Jamie Brisick said...

saudades pra brasil, jorge ben, um grande noites de pinga, sonia braga em dona flor..., ubatuba, pao de quejo, fotos de miguel rio branca, comida em santa teresa, humor de vava ribeiro.... -um gringo

Q.Perps said...

Man, great looking show! and thanks for putting the images to names. that took a long while huh? Jair has a really nice talent for curation. Not just to put artists together in a show, but to bring so many talented people together must have been a mountain moving experience. That dude prolly never sleeps. Amazing.

J Grant Brittain said...

Looks like a quality show, stoked to have been a part of it, thanks Jair.

seamouse said...

Good stuff Jair. All your hard work paid off.

droog79 said...

wow, looks good, and in Sao Paolo too!, would love to get involved next year......