Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Art Brewer

Art Brewer its the man. Since I was a young kid, I use to ready my cousins Surfer Magazines and read his names on sick photos. Then he's here, part of the second Santos SurfArt. Some people say we should not look after our dreams. Well, this is a dream come true. Art Brewer, as part of the art show that I organize. Wow… He sends two photos. One it's this above. It's Barry Kanaiaupuni in Sunset in the late sixties. And the other one you must see it….. It's amazing and I will keep the secret until the show… Art, man…. Thank you so much for help me in bringing this dream into reality.

What's you name and where are you from?
Art Brewer, Laguna Beach, California.

When did you find out that you would be an artist?
I never thought of myself as and artist, I feel the word artist is over used and has cheapened the meaning; every body says they are artist.

What do you want to show to people when you do you art?
What I’ve seen. My images are only documentations of places and people in time, sometimes the images are important at that moment when they were taken, others become important as they age. I take pictures for myself and I hope to share my perspective on how I see things

What's surf for you?
It‘s very personal, it's to bad that it has become something that‘s become so mainstream. it’s getting lost in corporate greed and everyone wants to be a surfer and make a dollar from it .A lot of the soul is gone because of this. This is partly my fault by being one of a few dozen photographers early on in the sport to record and share the magic and adventure surfing had to offer and then put it in magazines. Now it has come back to bite me with more and more people in the water every where in the world when I'd like a uncrowded wave.

Can you tell us some highlights in your carrier?
Secret spots, untouched places that once had uncrowned waves, special people that are friends for life in a special tribe of water people.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Brasil?
Some trusted friends, future world champions, unshaken nationalism and pride.

How do you feel to be part of an art show over here in Santos city?
Honored and I hope everyone that see the visions of shared enjoys and take away something positive and meaningful.

Some words to the people that will see your work in Brasil...
Surf for fun , enjoy the ocean and what you can learn from it , it can teach and heal the mind and body, So take care of it.

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