Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nick LaVecchia

Nick LaVecchia is an amazing dude. His work is outstanding and completely different from all the surf photographers. It’s mysterious… As the shot above that it was took in Alaska. For us in Brasil, it's such a shocking thing that make us think about all the waves that breaks around the world, specially in cold places. And Nick its specialized in cold places. Well, he lives in Maine! Some words from Nick below…

What’s you name and where are you from?
Nick LaVecchia. Currently residing on the southern coast of Maine. USA.

When did you find out that you would be an artist?
When I quit my day job, spent a lot of money on camera equipment and had to pay bills! Honestly, early on in life I always enjoyed painting and drawing. I eventually went on to do graphic design for Burton Snowboards for 8 yrs. Then moved on to photography, and what I do today.

What do you want to show to people when you do you art?
The simple and often unseen beauty that surrounds us everyday.

What’s surf for you?
A time to relax, forget about everything else on my mind and enjoy the ocean.

Can you tell us some highlights in your carrier?
A full page photo of mine in National Geographic Adventure, shooting water shots of a Coast Guard rescue in 30 degree water.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Brasil?
Bright colors, sand, sun and music.

How do you feel to be part of an art show over here in Santos city?
I feel extremely honored to have even been asked. I'm happy to be a part of it, and just hope I can make it there to see the show!

Some words to the people that will see your work in Brasil...
I hope you enjoy it. If you ever find yourself wanting to surf the coldest water possible, come to Maine.

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