Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ben Waters

Ben Waters art is beautiful. It’s simple. It’s intriguing. It’s amazing… He’s the designer of my favourite surf brand now… Shortstraw. For the Santos SurfArt, he did a piece that really reminds me a soccer team symbol… very nice art… Above is the piece, and below is what Ben’s have to say about him…

What’s you name and where are you from?
Ben Waters, Newport Beach Australia

When did you find out that you would be an artist?
My family was, and still is artistically self-sufficient. What I mean by this is if we wanted a painting to put on the wall we would measure it up, cut the timber, make a frame, stretch the canvas and paint it ourselves; if we wanted a sculpture to put in the garden we would just make it. I don’t think it ever occurred to me to not do it this way. That’s what my upbringing gave me I guess. My 4-year-old daughter as a result is heading down the same path now and is always ready to; as she puts it, ‘just make stuff’

What do you want to show to people when you do your art?
That its fun, its enjoyable, it’s a celebration of ideas and expression, just like surfing is. It also involves a skill, like all things do, but mostly that it is pleasurable.

What’s surf for you?
The simple pleasure of being in the ocean.

Can you tell us some highlights in your career?
Working on the Bells beach Ripcurl pro poster and clothing a few years back, 1st solo exhibition this year at Tigerfish gallery in Torquay, and designing and making art with Jim Mitchell at Shortstraw

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Brasil?
Almost. I went to South America a while back to surf and travel and almost got to Brasil. I hope to go there one day.

How do you feel to be part of the film festival over here in Santos city?
Stoked, amazed and grateful. I wish I could be there!!!

Some words to the people that will see your work in Brasil...
If I can relate my art to the analogy of surfing, then my art is about the other wave. Not the wave where you try to do the biggest flashiest most futuristic manoeuvre possible, rather the wave you share with your friends and family, all hooting each other. Just goofing around really, but also aware of the beauty of the ocean and your surroundings and also the feeling it gives you inside.