Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mark Sutherland

Sutho is one of the biggest influences in my photograph. He probably don't know, but his drawings really inspires me to take pictures... His work is amazing and very beautiful. Part of the Litmus movement, Mark also play music with Kidman and Purchase, and his wife Rosie rocks... He send me two cartoons for the art show and this one above is one of them. Enjoy and let's see what he has to say about him and the show here...

What´s you name and where are you from?
Mark Sutherland. I grew up in Sydney, Australia.

When did you find out that you would be an artist?
I always knew I would be an artist, from when I was very small. I always felt comfortable drawing and painting things.

What do you want to show to people when you do you art?
I do fine art and I do cartoons - they are very different. Fine art is about celebrating the beauty of things; cartoons are about laughing at the humour of situations, mostly people's notion of their own importance.
What´s surf for you?
Surfing is a way to keep in touch with the forces of nature, and a good way to stay fit.
Can you tell us some highlights in your carrier?
Highlights have been the success of Gonad Man; the achievement of producing Dream; winning some prizes for my oil paintings.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Brasil?
I was lucky enough to go to Brasil a few years ago and the warmth of the people was what I remember most. Brasileiros appreciate the fine things in life, like art, much more than Australians.

How do you feel to be part of an art show over here in Santos city?
I am excited to be exhibiting anywhere in Brasil. The life of an artist is hard, but to know there are people on the other side of the world who appreciate your work makes it all a little bit easier.

Some words to the people that will see your work in Brasil...

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