Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Danielle Rubi

Danielle was the first girl that I invited for this year's show. Her photography is amazing and makes me stop and think... Above it's a portrait of Nat Russell. Below a little chat with her..

What´s you name and where are you from?
My name is Danielle Rubi. I was born in Santa Barbara, California. I am a citizen of both the US and Switzerland.

When did you find out that you would be an artist?
During recovery of an accident in a hospital. I was in there for weeks and weeks and all I wanted to do was draw everything and anything around me. It healed me.

What do you want to show to people when you do you art?
I want to show people magical little worlds with photographs and objects that reveal the specialness and truths of such places. Traveling and investigating other peer groups around the world is what brings my generation together. I call this the circle of radness. I want to bring people into this circle.

What´s art for you?
The benefits I feel from creating art is when the public feels a mental hug from my work. I ultimately create things for my soul to feel whole and to learn about visual communication with others.

Can you tell us some highlights in your carrier?
I returned to my home town after having been away for about 14 years and had my first Museum show there 2 years ago. It felt pretty amazing to return to my childhood town and be on the Museum walls next to some of my early mentors. Another highlight was having my first New York City solo show this year. I brought the frost bitten New Yorkers in winter, inside a sunny west coast little world. Everyone took of their many layers of outer clothing and started dancing to the portable record player, while gazing into ocean scenes and portraiture of my circle of radness.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Brasil?
I think of bold colors and graphic poster arts from the 1960’s. I think of Caetano Veloso, and beautifully dark skin. I think of minimal clothing and unbuttoned shirts and great minimalist architecture with a interesting angles and the color gold.

How do you feel to be part of an art show over here in Santos city?
I feel honored and excited and love to keep it coastal! I can’t wait to investigate this part of the world and bring with it a new layer of ocean life into my work.

Some words to the people that will see your work in Brasil...
I welcome you into my little world.

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